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On December 30, 2008 Natalie Nardone lost her mother to an eight year battle with ovarian cancer.  Her mother was 49 years old when diagnosed. Teal, found throughout NCG’s identity and branding, is the color representing ovarian cancer.

NCG is a proud supporter of the movement to reduce the occurrence of ovarian cancer through prevention, detection and treatment. Our company color is teal, the nationally recognized color of ovarian cancer, as a show of solidarity and support for those who have been affected by ovarian cancer.

As such, NCG is involved in supporting the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance (GOCA). The mission of GOCA is to increase awareness and educate Georgia’s women and their families as well as the healthcare community about risks, symptoms, and treatment of ovarian cancer leading to earlier detection. GOCA serves the state of Georgia with public outreach programs, education and awareness, and fundraising events.  Natalie serves as their Treasurer.

According to the National Canter Institute at the National Institutes of Health, there were an estimated 22,280 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2012, and 15,500 deaths. We at NCG are committed to reducing these numbers through awareness and education.


For more information on ovarian cancer, please visit the following:

Mayo Clinic:

U.S. National Library of Medicine:

National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition:

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance:


Street Paws, INC.

Street Paws, Inc. works to reduce animal population through spay/neuter. Promote responsible pet ownership including vaccinations and humane education and seek suitable homes for unwanted and neglected animals.

The purpose of Street Paws, Inc. is to work with local county animal control shelters, county government and other animal groups for the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, including the reduction of animal overpopulation through spay/neuters and publicizing the benefit thereof; promote responsible pet ownership including vaccinations, improve the lives of animals living on the streets, provide humane education to the citizenry and foster a healthy relationship between people and animals.

Street Paws, Inc. shall assist to house homeless, neglected and abused animals, provide veterinary care, seek suitable homes for animals without owners; support local shelters to maximize reclaims, adoptions and foster opportunities, to reduce euthanasia, transfer animals to other licensed animal rescue groups; and provide euthanasia when necessary.  These animals are surrendered or given to Street Paws, Inc. by their owners, animal shelters, Humane Societies, and other persons.

Street Paws, Inc. is out on the streets daily taking a progressive, proactive approach to establishing a permanent resolution to the stray companion animal problem through dedicated rescue efforts, sheltering, community outreach programs, education, collaborations, and the encouragement of responsible pet guardianship.

The Nardone family have two dogs and three cats through Street Paws, Inc. all of whom were foster fails.